Granny's House APK 2.8.811

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Download Granny’s House APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you want to play as Granny or a girl in a scary house! Can you escape or will you be able to keep the girls in prison?

Granny's House APK 2.8.811
Name Granny's House
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 2.8.811
Size 136.67 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer Update Games
Price Free
Google Play Link net.updategames.granny

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Horror games have been popping up lately. They are entertaining because they are unlike any other game out there. They give players a frightening yet enjoyable gameplay. If you’re someone who loves horror mobile games, then this is for you!


Granny’s House is a game created by Update Games which has garnered over a million downloads. In this game an old woman abducts young girls and keeps them in her haunted house. But the day came when a young girl named Dorothy was kidnapped by the granny. The challenge begins as you help her escape from the house without the granny finding out. Or you can play as the granny and catch anyone who tries to escape!

A Game of Cat and Mouse

There are thousands of horror mobile games available right now. From Slenderman to the newer ones, there seem to be no end to the popularity of these games. What’s more is that more and more horror games are being produced every year due to the demand.


One of the most popular releases recently is Granny’s House. In here, you’re trapped in a house as you’re kidnapped by an old lady. You must do everything you can to escape. This means finding the keys and completing missions. On the other hand, you can play as the Granny and your job is to catch anyone who dares to escape! In here, you will play with and against real players worldwide! There are plenty of game modes to try and scenarios to run in with! Can you play this without getting scared?

Features of Granny’s House

Granny’s House is a frightening yet enjoyable game that adds a twist to the popular hide and seek game. In here, you must escape as Dorothy in a haunted house guarded by Granny. Here are its features:


Plenty of Game Modes – There are plenty of horror games there now. However, nothing beats Granny’s House as one of the best. In here, you can play plenty of game modes available. There’s the Escape Mode where there are 2 Granny against 6 Dorothy. Then, there’s the Infection Mode where every player is for themselves! Escape or catch! Then, there’s the Story Mode where you will take a role and beat the Granny together with some team mates. In whatever game mode you’ll play, you’ll enjoy the game thoroughly with some heart-pounding scenes creeping on you every now and then.

Characters – In Granny’s House, you’ll either play as Dorothy or the Granny. As Dorothy, your job is to escape. But there are also other objectives such as finding the hidden hints and rescuing your team mates. On the other hand, the Granny’s job is to keep everyone in prison. You can’t let anyone escape. Then, there also other roles in the Story Mode: Bomber, Trapper, Puppeteer, Beater, Healer, and Thrower.

Earn rewards and beat high scores – In here, you’ll earn rewards and EXP for every match played. Of course, this depends on how well you do in the game. The roles are switched to give players equal chances at playing. Can you beat your high scores? Or will you beat your friend’s high scores?


Customize character – In this game, you can also build your own character and customize it to however you want. You can change it however you want to show off your personality!

Realistic graphics and sound - One of the most defining features of this game is the realistic 3D graphics. You will play the game in 3D so you can explore the haunted house freely. Combine that with the eerie sound effects and you’ll have a haunting experience!

Download Granny’s House APK

Granny’s House is an epic game filled with horror and enjoyment! Download the latest version now.

Download Granny's House [136.67 Mb]
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