How to Fix Filelinked Not Working 2021

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There are many Fire TV devices around today. A lot of people love to stream movies and shows using these convenient devices as opposed to cable subscriptions. In fact, the streaming industry has been growing rapidly over the past years as it surpasses many other alternatives. But what if you suddenly found out that your Filelinked is not working? There’s no need to worry as in this post, we’re going to discuss everything about this and how to fix it.

how do i download filelinked

If you didn’t know, Filelinked is an app that you can use in your Fire TV device. Amazon Firestick allows users to stream movies and shows through streaming apps but it doesn’t allow users to install unsupported apps. This is where Filelinked comes in as it can act as an app market such as Google Play Store. With this, you can download any app and share it with others such as your friends and family. But if this isn’t working, you’re in the right place as we’ll discuss this.

What is Filelinked?

Streaming has been the go-to practice of many people right now. The majority of people today especially millennials prefer streaming over cable subscriptions. This is thanks to the convenience and unlimited streaming that these platforms bring to users. Not to mention that in some cases, streaming platforms are more affordable than cable subscriptions! Today, you can stream on a device called Amazon FireStick which allows you to download all of the streaming apps on your TV.

filelinked not working on firestick on android

With this device around, you can stream on Netflix, Hulu and other supported streaming apps today. But while it offers many apps today, it doesn’t have a dedicated app store where you can download external apps. This is a huge problem for many as they’d love to also use other apps on their TV. Thankfully, Filelinked solves this problem by offering a file-sharing app for everyone to use. This allows users to upload and download any file including APK files with a unique code.

This means that users can upload and download any photos, videos, APK files and others through their Firestick device. As long as you have the code, you can download just about anything here. You can also share files to others using a unique code. You see, this app is a lifesaver as it allows many to share files that they can’t normally do.

Why is my Filelinked Not Working?

Everything was working for Filelinked users but as of late, users found that the app is no longer working. When users try to input a Filelinked code, they’ll be greeted by an error message saying that the code is not found. Furthermore, the official website of the app is offline as well.

filelinked not working on firestick

With this, we can conclude that there’s something going on with the app. We’re not sure what the problem is at this stage as there’s no official announcement yet.

How to Fix Filelinked Not Working?

For reasons stated above, as of now we can’t fix Filelinked. Although that’s the case, you don’t need to worry about the apps and other files you’ve download through Filelinked. It’s safe and it will not be deleted even if the app isn’t currently working.

get filelinked not working on firestick

Top Filelinked Alternatives

Although Filelinked isn’t working today, you can still use other similar apps! Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the best alternatives to Filelinked that you can download and use today.

Aptoide TV

One of the more popular alternatives to Filelinked, this app allows users to download thousands of apps today. In fact, it boasts more apps than Google Play Store and other app stores! There’s an assortment of apps in various categories that you can use today here.


With this app, you can easily download files from the internet. It’s an app that allows you to download 3rd party apps not available in the Amazon App Store. Whether you want to download free streaming apps or others, you can use this! Then, it also allows users to surf the web and it’s all for free.


This app allows you to download APK files easily. Here, you can install light-weight apps without worrying about your storage. Because of this, a lot of people prefer using this.


If you have an Android TV, then you can already access the browser. With this, you can download apps from reputable websites such as TechBigs!


Even though Filelinked APK isn’t working, you can still enjoy the same features with the alternatives listed here! Share this post now with friends and family.


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