Clapper App APK 11.4.0

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Do you love using social media apps? If you want to have a new one you can use, try Clapper today. It’s similar to TikTok and Instagram where you can share videos!

Clapper App APK 11.4.0
Name Clapper App
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 11.4.0
Size 207.96 Mb
Category Social
Developer Clapper Media Group Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

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We use a lot of social media platforms today. There are a lot of big ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. These platforms give users a chance to connect with others, to know the latest news and to find relevant content. Because of this, billions of people and even brands have started to create accounts. But if you want a new social media platform that isn’t cluttered, try Clapper.

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This app is the newest social media app on the block today. It’s similar to TikTok in the way it is set and its layout. But in all honesty, it’s also similar to other social media platforms that we use today. Here, you can post videos, like, dislike, comment, share and do a lot of things. You can also message profiles and more!

A New Social Media Platform

You may not have realized it but a lot people’s lives revolve around social media these days. We use these platforms to express, connect and find news about our world easily these days. These platforms bridge the gap between nations and lets people freely engage with one another. We can see a lot of photos and videos as well as message people in these apps. Because of this convenience, we use them almost daily and some people have also built livelihoods with these platforms.

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For better or for worse, we use these apps to enrich our daily lives. But due to the sheer number of people that use the most popular social media apps today, they’ve become cluttered. Even TikTok which was the newest one now has millions of users. So, it’s only common sense that we seek newer platforms where we can get equal opportunities to be heard. Clapper is one such platform where it provides an equal ground for people to post videos and a chance to be seen and heard.

Moreover, it retains most of the features that you love from other platforms in here. Try the app now!

Clapper Features

You don’t have to use the social media apps to know that they’re popular. Most people have at least one account. But if you want a new one, try Clapper.

A New Way to Express – Thanks to the internet, we can now do more and see more things. In just a few seconds, we can get the latest news, events and schedules from our favorite brands and sports. With these social media platforms, we are free to express ourselves however we want. But now that billions of people have social media accounts, people are looking for new platforms to go into. If you’re one of those people, try Clapper today.

clapper app apk free download

If you want to be heard and seen, then this app is the right one for you. It’s a new one so it lets anyone express themselves as the app provides an equal opportunity for everyone. You can share short videos and livestreams and you can connect with lots of people easily. More than that, you can follow and engage with people you know and enjoy messaging them.

Connect with People – Like most social media platforms, their goal is to connect people with one another and with businesses. Because of these, they’ve made a lot of features that enables a person to do so. In Clapper, you can also get the same features such as following people, messaging them, and liking their videos. Here, you have the opportunity to enjoy connecting with people of all ages. Moreover, you don’t need to use a third-party app to do so.

Watch and Share Videos – Here, you can share videos whether they’re short or long or even live streams. Here, you can enjoy watching videos from various users as well all over the world. It’s an add-free platform that lets you see all the trending videos nearby. You can now enjoy videos that can make you feel all ranges of emotions easily. You can also create your own and share your views and opinions with the world.

Clapper Fam – Like most social media apps today, Clapper has a Clapper Fam which is a monetization feature. This one allows users to earn money on superfans. Here, users can livestream anytime they want so they can connect with their followers. Then, the watchers can then send gifts that the user can convert to real money.

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Easy to use – This app is similar to TikTok in its layout so it’s easy to use. Moreover, you won’t have a problem navigating through the app if you’re used to using social media apps.

Clapper APK – latest version

Enjoy a brand-new social media app today called Clapper! Here, you can watch and share videos freely!

Download Clapper App [207.96 Mb]


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