Citampi Stories Mod APK 1.80.046r

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Download Citampi Stories MOD APK for Android if you want to play an RPG life and love simulator! Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?

Citampi Stories Mod APK 1.80.046r
Name Citampi Stories
Kompatibel mit Android 4.1+
Letzte Version 1.80.046r
Größe 210.23 Mb
Kategorie Role Playing
Developer Ikan Asin Production
Preis Free
Google Play Link com.ikanasinproduction.cintadicitampi

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RPG and simulation games are always a popular genre to play. People love them for the adventure they bring. They may not be as flashy as FPS games or sports ones; they have their own charm though. If you’re one of those people who enjoy a good RPG or simulation game, then you’ll love this game!


Citampi Stories is an RPG simulation game developed by Ikan Asin Production. This game has over 500 thousand downloads in the Google Play Store right now. In this game, you’ll take on a role of a boy who were forced to marry a loan shark’s daughter. This is to pay off your parent’s debt. But you don’t have to do that if you can go to Citampi and find work so you can send money. There, you’ll find so much adventure, romance and friendships! Read on to learn more.

What is Citampi Stories?

Imagine your parents being drowned in debt so much that you’re forced to marry someone you don’t know. That’s exactly the case in Citampi Stories! In this game, you’ll need to go to the city of Citampi to find a job and send money to your parents. This will allow you to save yourself from a miserable life.


In this popular simulator and RPG game, you’ll live in the city and do a job. You’ll meet tons of new people and date girls your age. You’ll find plenty of adventure, stories, friendships, relationships and more! The story alone will entice you not to mention the cute RPG-style animation! If you’re hungry for more, read on!

Features of Citampi Stories

Citampi Stories is an awesome RPG simulation game about life, love and family. In this game, you’ll get to have tons of adventures in the form of stories! Here are its features:

Unique story – In this game, there’s a lot to take in. Your parents are drowned in debt. Thus, you must marry a loan shark’s daughter to pay the debt off. Unless you go out on your own and pay it yourself. In this game, you will set out on a journey to the city of Citampi to find a job and pay off your parent’s debt in 10 weeks. You will start from nothing in this game and gradually work your way to the top. This means, you’ll meet tons of people, have lots of dates and eventually start your own family. Can you do it?


Gameplay – In terms of gameplay, Citampi Stories doesn’t just give you a generic one. This one is a combination of RPG and simulation. This means that you can actually go anywhere you’d like in this game. Explore the city and do all sorts of activities such as fishing, walking and looking for jobs. You can also interact with different people in different places. It’s up to you on what to create on your story!

RPG Style graphics – The 8-bit graphics style of Citampi Stories makes it very suitable for RPG fans. In this game, everything is designed-well and you will enjoy every little element in the game. If you love every Pokemon game, then you’ll love this game in terms of graphics alone. Aside from that, the background sound and effects make it worthwhile to play.


Easy controls – In Citampi Stories, the controls are as easy as selecting the direction where you want to go to. Then, you just tap any house or people to interact to. Aside from that, you can tap the buttons according to what you want to achieve.

Offline game – In Citampi Stories, you don’t need an internet connection to play this awesome game! Wherever you are, you can enjoy this game!

Citampi Stories MOD APK – Free shopping

Citampi Stories is an interesting RPG simulation game about life, romance, family and friendships! Download the unlimited money now to enjoy!

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