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There are so many fun car games in existence today that are exciting and enjoyable. These games allow you to race against others, against time and computers! But if you’re looking for something different, perhaps offroad, then Offroad Outlaws should be the game for you.

If you’re currently enjoying this game right now and you’re trying to get all the barn finds, then this is the right place! We know how hard it is to find these cars for beginners, so we created this guide.

6 barn find offroad outlaws

If you didn’t know, barn finds are sort of like treasure hunt in this game as you can find some classic and rare cars out somewhere on the map. Think of these cars as easter eggs that the developers left so players can enjoy finding them on their own.

You can freely get them if you find them, and you can restore and customize them however you want! So, if you’re dying to know how to search for all the 9 bar finds in Offroad Outlaws, stick around.

What is Barn Finds in Offroad Outlaws?

Car games are fun and exciting, especially if you’re a huge car person. There are a lot of fun car racing games that will let you race with other people today. But if you’re someone who enjoys riding in off-roads, then Offroad Outlaws is your thing.

This is a fun game that lets you enjoy the dirt as much as you can today by yourself or with other players. This is a game that allows you ultimately build your car from the ground up.

new barn find in offroad outlaws

This game lets you completely customize your offroad vehicles from the chassis to the paint to the body. You can enjoy all sorts of cars from Hummer to trucks, to pick-ups to even motorcycles! But one of the things that players love here is the barn finds.

If you didn’t know, barn finds it is a way for players to unlock cars in various locations for free. You’ll find plenty of exciting cars this way, but they’re not easy to find – unless you’re not reading this!

Barn Finds List and Locations

Since you’re here, you must be curious as to the locations of the barn finds. They’re tough to see if you don’t know where you’re going.

They’re nine in total, but you’ll have to find each one of them by order, or else you won’t be able to unlock them. In this list, you’ll learn all about them as well as their locations on the map!

9 barn find offroad outlaws

Barracuda – Where is the first barn find in Offroad Outlaws? The first car that you barn find is the Barracuda, a red muscle car that’s fast and strong.

You can find it in the Desert, and it’s at the top of cliffs, so it’s not easy to find unless you have the exact location of it.

El Camino – This next barn find is a fun one to drive as it’s a pick-up muscle car with some exciting colors in it.

You can find the El Camino on the Woodlands map, and it requires you to go through different and challenging terrains. But you’ll find it in a location where there are trees, rocks and at the top of the cliff.

the first barn find in offroad outlaws

Foxbody Mustang – The third barn find in this game is the Foxbody Mustang features a bright red color with huge wheels!

This is a powerful and fun car to drive, and you can find it in the Desert. You’ll specifically find it in the upper-right corner of the map.

Chevy Nova – If you like unique cars, then you’ll love Chevy Nova. This car features a green color with spring wheels.

This car is perfect for roads like dirt, mud, Desert, and more. You’ll be able to find it in the Woodlands at the lower-right part of the map.

Chevy Camaro – This car is powerful and fast as well. It’s a sedan, so it’s perfect for flat and some bumpy roads. You’ll be able to find this car in the Desert, specifically at the lower-left part of the map.

Chevy Bel-Air – This is a fun car to drive as it features some spring wheels as well. You’ll be able to find this car at the lower-middle part of the map in Woodlands.

where are all the barn finds in offroad outlaws

Chevy Nova 2 – The 2nd Chevy Nova can be found in the Desert beside a big rock. It’s specifically located at the top-right corner of the map.

Ford Mustang – This is the 8th barn find you can enjoy in Offroad Outlaws. You’ll be able to find it in the Woodlands, and it’s wedged between some cliffs at the top-right corner of the map.

Chevy Chevelle – This car is a sexy one as it features classic curves and designs. It can be found in the Desert at the top-right corner.


Thanks to this guide, you should be able to search for all the barn finds! Play the game now and see these cars.


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